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DR / Business Continuity

If one of your business sites goes offline or becomes inaccessible due to an unplanned disaster how would your business operate during this event, especially if it lasted days or weeks?

At Telarus we have developed Disaster Recover (DR) and Business Continuity solutions for businesses requiring to protect connectivity as well as business critical data and systems to ensure that in the event of an unforseen disaster your business can continue to operate with minimal impact to your customers and staff.

Planned: By having a plan in place that is tried and tested avoids major disruption and allows your business to continue to operate. If the network is cut and you have a mobile broadband failover then your staff can continue to work with minimal customer impact.

Diverse Access: If your head office site becomes inaccessible then staff could access business systems remotely from home or at an alternate site with servers and systems being backed up or hosted in our purpose built, fully redundant business grade data centre; avoiding the dreaded possibility of ceasing business operations temporarily and resulting in lost revenue.

Minimal Customer Impact: If a customer calls and can’t get through, or if they go to your website to place an order and the site is down what do they do? If your server crashed and you lost all of your customer data what would be the business impact?  Customers would become disgruntled and may go to your competitor or even take legal action if you could not fulfil commercial contractual obligations. Business is tough and by not having a proper DR/Business Continuity plan in place could make it even tougher if you lost your most valuable asset.

Secure & Scalable: By having a secure managed network with diverse access connectivity and utilised cloud services to back up business data, and have your servers virtualised to meet on demand requirements is no longer out of reach for small to medium sized businesses. Technology and systems can now be delivered in a cloud service model that makes it more affordable, more secure and more scalable.

Our team will work with you to develop a DR and Business Continuity plan for all of your business locations which will include:

  • Site evaluation
  • Diverse secure access for network connectivity
  • Backup solutions for computers and servers
  • Network storage and data replication in co-located and or virtualised servers housed in business grade data centres
  • Testing the DR and Business Continuity plan

Our cloud based services and solutions are designed for small to medium businesses and mid-large sized enterprises. Each solution is secure, automated and highly scalable with a fast response or seamless cut-over. Our dedicated team will work with you to ensure that regardless of when an unforeseen event or outage occurs your business will be protected with minimal downtime.

Talk to us today about how Telarus can develop your business continuity plan.