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Online Backup

If your work laptop or computer went missing or the local shared drive crashed and could not be recovered how much of your day-to-day duties would be impacted with lost files and customer and company records lost forever?

At Telarus we have developed a cost effective cloud service that is easy to deploy and set-up making it easy for businesses to protect business critical data; whether information is kept on employee’s computer or company servers.

With a simple 2 step set-up function you can back up individual computers or company servers at a predetermined time. Your data is encrypted, compressed and securely stored.

Simple: Our backup services are easy to set-up, fully automated and seamless. Just set and forget

Safe & Secure: Have peace of mind that your data is secure and backed up.

Scalable: Our cloud backup solutions can scale from few files to entire company systems with administrator controls to view and control backup times

Easy Recovery: If you accidently delete a document or folder or whole pc/server then it can be easily restored quickly, as and when you need it.

Our backup solutions features:

  • Automated and easy to setup
  • Disaster Recovery and Virtual Machine Backup Solutions
  • Off-Site Storage
  • Secured data protection and availability 24x7x365
  • Ability to recover a file, a single server or a whole server infrastructure
  • Rapid recovery – Low Recovery Point Objective (RTO) and Recovery Time Objective (RPO)

Talk to us today about how a Telarus can backup your business data.