Are you looking for a network solution to link your sites into a single managed network that ensures speed, reliability, security, scalability and unsurpassed value from a provider that has perfected the art of service?


A Telarus IP VPN offers a highly scalable network solution that can securely connect different sites and users with in-built authentication and the ability to prioritise time sensitive traffic over an end-to-end managed network. Delivering a cost effective solution utilising Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)a Telarus Managed VPN enables businesses the ability to deploy a  broad range of business applications with the added benefit of fully managed Internet access for all of your corporate offices over a single infrastructure.



Key Network Features:  




  1. The use of MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) throughout the Telarus network enables the delivery of highly scalable national and international managed networks solutions (IP VPNs)
  2. The utilisation of QoS (Quality of Service) enables prioritisation of your time sensitive traffic
  3. Supports multiple access technologies



  1. Protection of sensitive corporate information from outside attacks
  2. Deliver centralised firewalled Internet access from the cloud to specified sites
  3. Seamless access for roaming users to authenticate seamlessly and securely into the corporate private network via 3G or any standard Internet connection



  1. Fully Fault tolerant network, infrastructure and data centre redundancy
  2. Peering with multiple Tier-1 Carriers for Internet transit
  3. We partner with industry leaders: e.g. Cisco, Juniper, IBM, Fortinet, Telstra Wholesale and Optus Wholesale