About Us

Telarus was formed in 2002 under the name Broadband Direct Pty Ltd. Our mission then was the same as it is today – to deliver business-grade internet services to small and mid-size business and that exceed the performance offered to them by commodity residential providers.

We have listened to, and met, the needs of business customers since the very beginning. We form enduring partnerships that are backed by the passion of our staff, the commitment of our strategic carriers and alliances with suppliers and the IT service provider community. This means we can give our customers the effective technology they need to achieve their business outcomes.

Our “Statement of Purpose” defines how we work with our customers and stakeholders. It embodies our vision, business proposition and core values, and these drive the behaviours that are essential to creating lasting partnerships and delivering on our promises.

Statement of Purpose

Vision: To become the most respected provider of Managed Networks, Managed Security and Private Cloud Solutions.

Business Proposition: Telarus enables operational efficiency and risk mitigation. We listen to businesses and deliver world-class Network, Security, and Cloud Solutions they trust and value.

Core Values

  • Mutual Respect and Openness
  • Teamwork and Collaboration
  • Customer Intimacy and Professionalism

History & Experience

Establishment Phase 2002-2004

  • Founded in 2002 under the trading name Broadband Direct Pty Ltd to deliver business grade internet services to the small and mid-sized business sector (SMB).
  • Locally managed Australian owned private company based in Melbourne.
  • Established as a virtual ISP leveraging the networks of major carriers.

Infrastructure Phase 2004-2009

  • Re-branded as Telarus in 2004 as a result of an acquisition.
  • Built a carrier-independent, business-grade data network during 2004-2006, with points-of-presence through the eastern seaboard of Australia.
  • Launched multi-site virtual private networks (VPN) and firewall security.

Managed Services Phase 2009-

  • Built private cloud computing platform. Launched virtual server
  • Expansion of the data network across Australia and New Zealand through strategic vendor partnerships.
  • Consolidated and enhanced the multi-protocol layer switching (MPLS) capabilities of the network.
  • Expansion of data centre presence. Upgraded the cloud platform for high availability Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and back-up and disaster recovery.


Graeme Smith, Founder & Chairman

  • More than 20 years’ experience in the IT&T industry including hardware distribution, software development and telecommunications services.

Dennis Muscat, CEO

  • Co-founded Pacnet Australia (formerly Pacific Internet Australia) in 1999 and held the role of managing director to 2008 before joining Telarus in 2009. Director Communications Alliance 2006-2010