Business Terms


Telarus Business Terms – Agreement containing all the general terms and conditions between Telarus and our Customers.



General Rules


Telarus Acceptable Use Policy – To ensure the use of Telarus internet services is in line with current Laws, Telarus provides this Acceptable Use Policy for all customers.
Telarus Privacy Policy – This is the Telarus Privacy Policy. It outlines how your personal information is used.



Telecommunication Consumer Protection Code


Telarus endorses the initiatives taken by the Telco industry to ensure consumers and small businesses are fully informed and protected.


Complaint Handling Process (Summary)
Financial Hardship Policy
Authorised Representative Appointment
Networks Used
Estimating Data Usage
Hardware and Warranties
Mobile Network Coverage
Credit Management Tools




Service Terms


Service Terms detail product specific terms and conditions and are part of a customer’s contract with Telarus as referenced in the Telarus Business Terms.



Fibre Express

Metro Ethernet
Midband Ethernet
Network Monitoring System (NMS)
Telarus Managed Security (TMS)
TMS Voice
Telarus Service Terms – IaaS (v1 and v2)
Telarus Cloud Connect
Telarus Public Cloud Connect

Telarus Hosted Voice
Business Voice
IP Data
Telarus Hosting


Master Services Agreement

This MSA applies if you have an agreement that was entered after 13 May 2024
This MSA applies if you have an agreement that was entered into from 9 November 2023 to 13 May 2024
This MSA applies if you have an agreement on foot that was entered into before 9 November 2023





Previous versions of our Business and Service Terms with corresponding end date.

3G/4G (ends August 2017)

Telarus Privacy Policy (ends August 2017)

Fibre Express (ends June 2017)

Telarus Business Terms (ends May 2017)

Telarus Business Terms (ends November 2016)

Telarus Service Terms – IaaS (v1 and v2) (ends August 2016)
Privacy Policy (ends April 2016)
Telarus Business Terms (ends April 2016)
Telarus General Terms (ends July 2013)