Mobility Services

Our experience and understanding of business communications has driven Telarus to develop mobility services far beyond standard Internet access for mobile users.  These deliver increased flexibility and resilience for Internet and MPLS Private Network Service solutions.


We work extensively with our network carriers and hardware vendors to produce secure and efficient mobility products for business which connect mobile users or non-wired sites to your organisational resources.


Telarus provide Mobility Services via a standard USB dongle which connects to on-premise computers, or via a SIM card into mobile devices.  We can also deploy a 3/4G dongle to on-premises routers to provide shared connectivity for all users at that location.  This is perfect for pop-up stores with multiple PoS terminals, or as failover from a primary ADSL2+ or NBN service.


Telarus have engineered Private Network Mobility which combines the flexibility of Mobility services with the security and efficiency of an MPLS Private Network.