Telarus 4G Max Uptime Solution

Do you want to get a new store off the ground? Or are you simply looking for a way to maximise uptime? Watch our one minute video to find out how Telarus 4G Max Uptime can help your business.



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The Problem

Retail networks are changing – from contactless payments, to click and collect cloud-based stock systems, you need reliable network connectivity to maximise revenue and minimise risk to your brand.



The Solution

4G failover is an effective way to maintain uptime when wired connections break. A Telarus 4G Max Uptime failover solution not only provides access to the Internet, it also automatically transfers your MPLS VPN to the 4G network which will keep an entire store online and connected to all corporate resources.


Telarus 4G Max Uptime is extremely cost-effective and comes with enterprise-grade security. It operates at a frequency of 700MHz, which provides great signal penetration in metal and concrete buildings such as shopping centres.



Other Deployment Scenarios

4G Max Uptime can also be used to get a new site up and running while you wait for a primary wire-based link to be provisioned.


4G can be rapidly arranged and offers great flexibility to work in temporary locations – it’s ideal for short term deployments such as a popup stores.



How Does It Work?

Telarus 4G Max Uptime is simple to deploy. Our skilled engineers pre-configure all hardware meaning it’s a plug and play solution. You won’t need to wait for an engineer or organise technical resources at a remote site.


Network coverage will dictate your network speed and whether you can access a 4G service. If 4G isn’t available, then you can still use the 3G network.



Benefit of Working With Telarus

Over the last 15 years Telarus has built a strong reputation as a locally-based business Internet connectivity specialist who goes the extra mile. All connections in our network are proactively monitored and supported by industry-leading SLAs.


We have deployed business continuity solutions to many of Australia’s major retail brands including French Connection, Cue Clothing, Swatch, The PAS Group and Foodworks.



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