Danfoss Australia

Danfoss is a customer focused supplier of energy savings, food preservation, environmental improvements, and improved productivity products and services.



The Business Challenge


Danfoss Australia is a part of the global Danfoss group which extends across 40 countries and has more than 23,000 employees worldwide. As a part of this global company, Danfoss Australia has a high dependence on fast and reliable communications, so they can access their vital resources which are centralised in locations across the region. With the growth of Danfoss’ offices worldwide, Danfoss Australia started to face concerns about the security, reliability and costs associated with maintaining this global communication. In response to these concerns, the Danfoss regional management team set out to make changes to their overall communications operations. Their aim was to implement a new communications system which improved on the speed, reliability, security and value for money offered by their current system. Danfoss Australia put out the challenge to a variety of service providers for a proposed solution that would meet their criteria.



The Solution


When issuing the challenge for a unique and innovative solution to service providers, Danfoss initially contacted some of Australia’s larger IT&T organisations such as Telstra and Optus. Having only worked with one of Australia’s largest IT&T companies previously, Danfoss assumed that they would find the most innovative and cost effective solutions from one of these companies. Danfoss also chose to include Telarus with their challenge, as they had received several positive recommendations of Telarus’ services from business associates. After a meeting with the Telarus team, Danfoss made the decision to give Telarus a chance to compete with some of Australia’s larger providers for their business.


In the end the final preference came to Telarus as they, unlike Danfoss’ previous provider and the other competitors that were considered weren’t trying to push off the shelf products as their solution. Telarus was focused on listening to Danfoss’ requirements with a view to tailoring the best possible solution, which is ultimately what won them the business.


Another strength in Telarus’ solution was their response to several specifications outlined by Danfoss, which emphasised the importance of simplifying and improving communications. Telarus successfully met this challenge when they provided Danfoss with ways to support their migration to a new ERP solution (SAP). Danfoss came to Telarus with a fairly tight timeframe for implementation; less than two months for the entire process. The initial change-over to the new solution took about a month, which included the admin tasks, line preparation, hardware pre-configuration and delivery to each site, and the actual cutover. Danfoss were very impressed and highly satisfied with Telarus’ ability to meet this tight timeline.


As an end result, the new solution from Telarus carries all of the traffic for 100 Danfoss users across Australia and New Zealand. Each office has several servers and WAN connection to the head office in Melbourne, which is the hub of communication with the rest of the (Danfoss) world. Since this initial installation process, Telarus has assisted Danfoss with several upgrades, continuing their focus on providing first class service. In each case the changes were organised efficiently and the upgrades offered excellent value for money. The overall solution, including the new hardware and associated services, has given Danfoss many long term cost benefits.


“We’ve been extremely happy with the results the Telarus solution has delivered us. When viewing the project in hindsight and considering the objective constraints I think Telarus has done an exceptional job.”

Momchilo Simich, Danfoss Australia