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Are you looking to cut costs and enjoy features you never thought a telephone system could offer? Watch our one minute video to find out why your organisation should consider moving to a SIP solution.


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If you want to save money, adopt a hassle-free business voice setup and enjoy features you never thought a telephony system could deliver, you need to take a closer look at Session Initiation Protocol, or SIP.


Telarus provide SIP based voice solutions that offer great call quality, increased flexibility and the ability to adopt a unified communications strategy all at a fraction of the cost of traditional fixed voice systems.


Although it’s been around for a number of years, SIP adoption is currently taking off and will become the dominant form of voice communication. Our voice platform supports a range of client usage scenarios, from IP PBXs to Call Centre Diallers, for both inbound and outbound calling.  We can even provide a gateway to interface with your existing legacy PBX so you get full call saving rates, with minimum additional investment and shorter installation time.



5 major advantages of SIP over ISDN

For those who aren’t particularly familiar with the ins-and-outs of SIP and ISDN, the distinctions can be confusing and often outdated. To help clear things up we’ll start with the basics and move on from there.



7 things you need to know about SIP

What is a SIP solution and why should your organisation consider moving from your legacy business voice system? We answer these and other common questions.



What Exactly is SIP?


SIP is a method of telephony that operates through a network connection instead of over phone lines. A key advantage of SIP is that it merges voice and data communication into the same digital line.


That’s what happens behind the scenes. On the surface, SIP is a business voice technology that offers greater flexibility, great call quality and the ability to adopt a unified communications strategy without breaking the budget.



Key Features of a Telarus Voice Solution




Voice Quality


HD voice quality Early VoIP adopters reported poor call quality and drop outs, often caused by Internet congestion and poor network management. We’ve adapted our system to maintain control over the flow of voice traffic from a user’s handset to the PSTN, using Quality of Service technology and our own data networks.


Where a site requires a connection over the Internet for voice, we can pre-qualify and guide you to ensure a minimum ISDN level of voice quality can be achieved. This means that your calls will get through every time.



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Once an order is placed our Project Management team will keep you up to date with each stage of the process so you’ll know exactly when to expect service delivery.



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