Unlimited Fibre Access


Telarus has delivered high capacity, high speed fibre access solutions to businesses since 2002. Today we make the commitment to deliver the most competitively-priced, locally supported, business-grade fibre access to enable your business to build the solutions that drive efficiency and growth.


Fibre optic connectivity is more available than ever before and is now affordably priced for businesses of all sizes.


We aim to understand your business requirements and closely collaborate with you to develop the best value fibre access solution.



Fibre Access


When future scalability and ultimate reliability are paramount, fibre access delivers the ultimate experience in data transfer. Bandwidth options range from 4 Mbps to 1 Gbps.


Fibre Access powers your business to its maximum potential. Symmetrical connectivity provides consistent and reliable upload and download. High-capacity and high-speeds power your business-critical applications.


• On demand data intensive operations
• Streaming media and video
• Large upload/download demands



Proactive Monitoring


Add Proactive Monitoring to your Telarus Fibre Access service for greater resiliency. Telarus Proactive Monitoring service constantly checks the status of your network—24/7/365—to maximize the availability and minimize the mean time to restore your connectivity should an issue arise.



Service Level Agreement


The following service level targets are backed by local account management access:



View our SLAs for full details.



Local Support