3 ways Telarus could have improved the Galactic Empire’s network security

Rogue One holds several lessons about network security. Here are three ways Telarus could have helped the Galactic Empire prevent a data breach?


Audiences who turned out for showings of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story were treated to an adventure that featured lessons about bravery, sacrifice and the importance of strong network security.


One of those might not seem like it belongs on the list, but that was the takeaway for the team at Telarus. Lax organisational security is at the heart of the latest instalment in the Star Wars Saga. Let’s take a look at three ways Telarus could have helped improve organisational security for the Galactic Empire.


If you haven’t seen Rogue One, proceed with caution – there are spoilers ahead.



Improve security with content filtering

Content filtering can help protect against malicious websites.


At some point while working for the Empire, Galen Erso – lead scientist on the Death Star project – made the decision to place a hidden weakness within the superweapon. Cargo pilot Bodhi Rook defected to the rebellion, as did countless senators and government officials. What inspired them all to betray the Empire? It could have been seditious and inappropriate content online.


Just as certain websites can threaten galactic political stability, they can also cause security risks for businesses. In fact, in its 2016 Internet Security Threat Report, Symantec found that nearly 80 per cent of scanned websites had security vulnerabilities, with 15 per cent containing critical ones. More and more malware is also originating via SSL sessions. Effective content filtering can help mitigate the risk of defections to the Rebellion and exposure to malware and other website-based threats.



Be aware of threats


A major shortcoming for Imperial security on Scarif, home to the archived Death Star plans, was a significant lack of threat awareness. A small strike force infiltrated the planet and laid the groundwork for a widespread attack without any alerts being triggered.



With the Telarus Managed Security platform in place, the officials on Scarif would never have been caught so off-guard. With this service, firewall management is delegated to an expert team that is available 24 hours a day and seven days a week.



Don’t rely on one line of defence


Perhaps the biggest shortcoming of Scarif’s defence was the reliance on just a single, powerful safeguard: the planet-wide shield barrier. Much like a business that thinks it’s secure behind a strong firewall, the Empire placed itself in a precarious position with this shield.


Once a solitary safeguard is breached, as Scarif’s shield was, it opens up the possibility for intrusion. Having multiple safeguards safeguards with no single point of failure – such as Telarus’ dual firewall and additional protections – helps keep out malicious parties.


While we at Telarus won’t provide these services to the Empire, we’re more than happy to help secure your organisation. Contact us today to learn more.

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