Content Filtering

Not everything on the Internet is appropriate for your users when they are accessing organizational resources.  Some content may simply be time wasting and negatively impact efficiency.  Other content might seek to damage your network or even cause data loss and identity theft.


It is difficult for even a well-meaning user to know what is, and is not, safe on the world wide web.  Our Content Filtering capability enables you to dictate what a user may or may not access on the Internet.  Many organisations use this function to limit user access so it is more in line with their Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP).  Others simply enjoy the monitoring capability so they know what is going on.


* Block inappropriate, illegal or time wasting content, including ransomware, to improve security and efficiency

* Protect your network against malicious code or exploits built into email or website code

* Minimise illegitimate traffic so your network is available for core business functions

* Granular exceptions allow users to have tiered access to Internet content