Managed Firewall

Protecting your resources from malicious attacks or unauthorized access gets more complex every day.  Most organisations would rather focus on their own areas of expertise than build a multiple data centre, carrier diverse security platform to protect their network.


And even if you do, you then need to consider staffing, constant skills improvement and the ability to respond quickly and effectively to threats before they create havoc.


Telarus leverage our Australian and New Zealand based infrastructure and expertise in security and networking to provide exactly this level of protection.


Our Managed Security platform provides a single gateway to the Internet and is accessible by your entire private network.  Telarus Managed Security allows you to outsource firewall management to a team of local experts who are available 24×7.


* Dual firewall appliances in physically separate Australian Data Centres

* High Availability automatic failover for business continuity

* Multiple Internet feeds provide greater resilience and performance

* Secure connection for Remote and Mobile Users authenticated to your local Active Directory

* Consultation with your business to ensure security policies best match requirements