Securing The Cloud In 90 Minutes

With cyber attacks increasing by 23% in the last 12 months and 60% of targeted attacks striking small and medium sized organisations, understanding the risks of cyber security and maintaining an effective defence strategy has never been more critical. The good news is that Telarus, in conjunction with network security vendor Fortinet, have joined forces to address this business challenge through a series of boardroom events.


Our recent lunchtime sessions discuss the threats associated with the various types of cloud computing (public, private, hybrid) and the strategies that are needed to mitigate cloud risks. Our goal is to deliver practical skills that can be implemented by anyone with responsibility for planning, deploying or managing cloud security. We’ve received some fantastic feedback from attendees:


“I like the simple framework for making decisions around value of data Vs risk appetite.”


”Gave me lots of food for thought regarding the future of our own infrastructure.”


“I have a much better awareness of the possibilities that cloud presents as well as the pitfalls.”


“I’m beginning to think that Cloud is a realistic option.”


“I enjoyed the very clear, business-focused presentation.”

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