Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud solution provides access to applications and server resources through Public Cloud, Private Cloud and customer owned infrastructure.  Most businesses will evolve to manage workloads across data centres, private clouds, and public clouds – thereby creating hybrid clouds.


Hybrid cloud resources can be connected to a Telarus Private Network. As a result, the hybrid cloud is effectively segregated from the internet reducing the probability of hacking, intrusion and malware.


Key aspects of hybrid cloud:


* Provides a tiered approach where the best technological fit can be applied to business workload needs

* Allows companies to keep the critical applications and sensitive data on premises, in a data centre environment or in a private cloud

* Enables taking advantage of public cloud resources like SaaS, for the latest applications, and IaaS, for elastic virtual resources

* Facilitates portability of data, apps and services and more choices for deployment models

* Mixing different cloud types can provide enhanced business continuity and data backup options