Private Cloud

A private cloud environment allocates computing infrastructure that is dedicated and operated solely for a single organisation. Like the public cloud, a private cloud can take advantage of the efficiencies of high availability and scaling, while providing a greater level of control and transparency over computing resources.


Telarus Private Cloud can be connected to a Telarus Private Network.  As a result, the Private Cloud is effectively secured from the Internet reducing the probability of hacking, intrusion and malware.


The Telarus Private Cloud helps protect high value data and has the following features:


* Sophisticated security and governance parameters designed for a company’s specific requirements

* All data is located in Australia, is clearly identifiable and access is restricted and auditable

* A self-service interface controls resources.  IT staff can quickly provision, allocate, and deliver on-demand IT resources

* Highly automated management of resource pools for everything from compute capability to storage and analytics

* A tailored service contract with individually negotiated service level agreements.